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“I was among the freshmen students you performed for today. I just wanted to let you know that “The Script” really moved me and touched me in a way I didn’t expect. Your show was such a breath of fresh air. The characters, situations, and emotions were so realistic, at times I forgot I was watching a one-man show. In a time where it’s harder to reach younger generations, and even harder to have a conversation on all of the many things you touched on in your show, you succeeded in such a magnificent way.

I grew up in a household where there was domestic violence and a lot of toxic masculinity. I’ve seen that toxicity in my peers. As a young woman now somewhat fearful of living alone and being independent at college, and also as a feminist, it means so much to see a guy who gets it and not only wants to have these tough conversations, but is very willing to start them as well. Art is so powerful and you use it beautifully and to make a much needed change.

Thank you so much Tim. You have inspired me to keep creating and thinking, have hope, and ask for help.”

-Vivi M. freshman, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY

About Tim Collins

Tim Collins has been working as an actor, writer, and solo performer since 2001. Tim is a recipient of the Wallis Foundation Grant, a Roblee Grant, a Missouri Department of Mental Health Grant, was a featured performer at the 24th Annual “Sharing The Fire” National Storytelling Conference, was nominated for a Kevin Kline Award, won the “Best Solo Performance” award in the 2nd Annual Dialogue ONE Solo Theater Festival, was awarded “Best Dramatic Script” in the 2012 United Solo Theater Festival, “Best Educational Show” in the 2013 United Solo Theater Festival, is a member of the United Solo Academy, and has partnered with/received grant support from agencies and organizations across the country.

Tim is published in both PLAYS AND PLAYWRIGHTS, on “The Netflix of Plays,”, and has appeared on ABC News, YNN News, TWC News, and NPR. Tim has performed his educational one-man shows across the country, in a wide variety of venues, including public and private high schools, colleges, military bases, universities, churches, libraries, social work agencies, and youth detention centers.