“We were lucky enough to be able to invite Tim to present twice on Bullying and Violence Prevention. Tim worked with our alternative population in small cohorts, training the students on Toxic Masculinity. His style and information engaged students throughout the hour-long trainings, initiating rigorous and deep conversations. Tim’s demeanor and personality fostered forthright and powerful discussions among the students which is usually very challenging for our high school learners. Tim was worth every penny!”

-Tonia M Davis, Madison-Oneida BOCES, Alt Ed Coordinator, Verona, NY


“Tim Collins provided a powerful leadership workshop on bystander intervention.  This was an action- packed presentation with a focus on  increasing student confidence and intervention skills to make a positive impact on a community.  Tim’s dynamic style encourages participation and makes it a personal experience for the participants.  They entered the workshop as students and exited as empowered bystanders.”

-Staff of the Beard Wellness Center, SUNY Cobleskill, Cobleskill, NY


“From the students that we had attend your programs, I heard nothing but great remarks from them about the workshops!”

-Bart Stucker, Coordinator of Orientation & Recreation Programs, Office of Student Engagement,
University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, FL


Utilizing engaging ice breaker games and activities, small and large group discussion, an innovative Powerpoint presentation, and compelling and memorable role-playing exercises, Tim Collins provides transformative workshop sessions for all ages.

A variety of workshops are available, including:

Assertive Communication Workshop                                               
An interactive experience focusing on techniques for interpersonal communication and connection. Participants will practice reading body language, speaking in public, and identifying effective and healthy ways to communicate with individuals and groups.  Ideal number of participants is 10-20.  All ages.  60-90 minutes.

Empowered Bystander Workshop

What is a Bystander?  How can we become Empowered Bystanders?  This timely session provides a compelling range of role-playing scenarios and discussion topics that illuminate the challenges to intervention and allows participants to identify and practice safe and effective ways to step in and help others.  Ideal number of participants is 10-20.  All ages, though ideal for 9th grade and up.  60-90 minutes.

Empathetic Responder Workshop

A friend, family member, or classmate discloses an incident of sexual assault or intimate partner violence. What do you do? How can you best respond to provide help? This engaging workshop utilizes small and large group discussion, immersive games and activities, and compelling role-playing exercises that allow participants to try out different strategies and approaches to intervention. Participants will leave this workshop with a range of practical and effective ways to listen, respond, and help survivors. Ideal number of participants is 10-20.  9th grade and up.  60-90 minutes.

Communication and Collaboration Workshop 

Through immersive games and exercises, participants will have an opportunity to identify and practice the most effective ways to interact and “get your point across” during difficult and challenging conversations.  This workshop provides activities and approaches to help build trust and strengthen your relationships.   Ideal number of participants is 10-20.  All ages.  60-90 minutes.

Toxic Masculinity and Rape Culture Workshop

This session, ideal for everyone, invites participants to explores the socially-constructed attitudes that may encourage men to behave in unemotional, aggressive, or violent ways. Beginning with an overview of relevant information about Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence, then transitioning to a larger conversation about “Rape Culture” and the societal attitudes that normalize sexual violence and violence against women, this workshop provides an engaging perspective on a range of important issues.   Ideal number of participants is 10-20. 9th grade and up.  60-90 minutes.

“Tim is a gifted facilitator with a commanding presence who encourages conversations in large and small group settings. With Tim’s help and feedback, we have developed a program that both allows students to share their own concerns and experiences, empowering incoming students to address situations inside, and beyond, the academic setting. It has been a very positive experience working with Tim, and he has been able to craft various presentations for our diverse audiences!”

– Molly Berry, Director, Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement, Millikin University, Decatur, IL


Workshop Participants Comment:


“Very powerful.  Tim paced each activity very well.  I know this would be great for all ages and feel this training is vital not only for our youth, but our society’s future.  Thank you, Tim.  Great job!”

–Mr. Jacob, Child Youth Program Assistant, Porter Youth Center, Seaside, CA


“Tim led exercises that allowed people to open up in a safe, non-threatening way.  This by far has been the best, most interactive training I’ve ever had at this job.  Would love to have this every year, if possible.”

–Tiffany Riley, Program Assistant, Porter Youth Center, Seaside, CA


“I loved how involved we were throughout the whole training.  Best training I have ever attended.  You did a great job, Tim!  Thank you!”

–Amber Van Hoose, Child Youth Program Assistant, Porter Youth Center, Seaside, CA


“All the activities in the workshop were great.  Really fun!  Great training session!  Really hands-on.  Most fun I’ve had in a training session.”

–Program Assistant, Porter Youth Center, Seaside, CA


“I loved all of this training.  Loved the interactions, games, and stories.  Great opportunity to host this training/workshop at Porter Youth Center.  We loved every minute of it.  Our staff is known for being really close, but this training brought us even closer.  Tim, please continue spreading awareness and education wherever you go.”

–Daniel Saia, School Age Site Leader, Porter Youth Center, Seaside, CA


“This was amazing!  Completely creative and interactive!”

–Anthony Woods,  Child Youth Program Assistant, Porter Youth Center, Seaside, CA


“Tim made me feel more comfortable with my co-workers (whom I already feel close and comfortable with).  Your willingness to take risks and “look silly” made me feel less self-conscious.  It would have been great if this workshop was one day longer.  Loved this training!”

–Jodi Douglas, Kinderleader, Porter Youth Center, Seaside, CA


“This was a very good training and put together well.  I feel we should have this training on a regular basis.”

–Program Assistant, Porter Youth Center, Seaside, CA


“The whole workshop was outstanding.  This was the most exciting training I’ve ever had.  Tim made it easy for us to be engaged in the training.  It was fun and very interactive.”

–Nicholas Coleman,  Child Youth Program Assistant, Porter Youth Center, Seaside, CA


“Rather than just being “talked to,” Tim had all of us participate.  Even those of us who may be more on the quieter side felt comfortable with the roleplaying activities.  Great information and a very entertaining training.  Thanks!  In the future, we’d like to have Tim back.  This was one of the best– if not THE best– trainings we’ve experienced here at PYC!”

–Program Assistant, Porter Youth Center, Seaside, CA


“Everything, everything in the workshop was exciting and something I can use and modify to do with my students.  I walked away with so much positive information and knowledge on how to approach the topic of Bullying!

One of the best trainings I have had in my 14 years of child care!  Tim brought excitement, interactions, role-playing, and so much more.  The guy is BRILLIANT!  You rock, Tim!  Come back!”

–Peggy Huddleston, Middle School and Teen Program Director, Child and Youth School Age Services, Porter Youth Center, Seaside, CA


“My favorite part was how personal the workshop was and how much it made me think about what I would do in a situation.  Fantastic workshop!”

–SUNY Cobleskill student, Cobleskill, NY


“This workshop was a great way at ‘building community.’  Really enjoyed– time went too fast!”

–SUNY Cobleskill student, Cobleskill, NY


“This workshop lets you realize a lot more about yourself.  Very good presentation!”

–SUNY Cobleskill student, Cobleskill, NY


“This workshop was an engaging and eye-opening experience!  I enjoyed how we weren’t just sitting the whole time– it was a very active workshop!”

–SUNY Cobleskill student, Cobleskill, NY


“Every part of this workshop was great.  I really enjoyed it.  Tim did a good job bringing up major components in the scenarios.”

–SUNY Cobleskill student, Cobleskill, NY


“This workshop was well thought out.  I enjoyed Tim, his energy was fantastic!”

–SUNY Cobleskill student, Cobleskill, NY


“I think this workshop would be good to bring back in small groups in the Residence Halls!”

–SUNY Cobleskill student, Cobleskill, NY


“I enjoyed the interpersonal communication of the participants.  The role-playing was great, and we were able to brainstorm solutions to different problems.”

–Faculty and Staff of Great Falls College, Great Falls, MT


“The role-playing and empathy exercises were great.  Tim is a great facilitator.  This was a fantastic workshop!  Would recommend this to others.”

–Faculty and Staff of Great Falls College, Great Falls, MT


“Information gained and the manner delivered were top-notch.  Very timely info.  The information gained applies to the topic of the workshop and also applies to many other personal circumstances.”

–Faculty and Staff of Great Falls College, Great Falls, MT


“Tim encourages conversations that are difficult to have or have in an empathetic way.  I like how Tim handled sensitive topics and effectively guided volunteers through some tough role-playing exercises.”

–Faculty and Staff of Great Falls College, Great Falls, MT


Contact me to learn more or to book a workshop.

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