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THE SCRIPT is a one-man show that depicts JAY, NICK, JEREMY, and CHRIS, four young men at the “edge of an incident”– a female classmate has been sexually assaulted. In the course of this engaging and powerful drama, the four characters grapple with their beliefs about masculinity, gender roles, and relationships, and make choices that forever change their lives and friendships.  Developed in conjunction with sexual assault prevention agencies, THE SCRIPT examines “rape culture” and invites the audience to examine the language, media, and attitudes that create an environment where violence against women and men is acceptable and normal.

THE SCRIPT is an engaging and interactive program that suits a wide range of audiences. A performance can be specially tailored to fit your school or organization’s needs.  A number of versions of the show are available:

  • Greek Life

  • Athlete/Athletics Focused

  • Military (Army, Navy, and Air Force versions are available)

  • High School Audiences


    “THE SCRIPT is moving and thought-provoking.  Tim Collins provides insight and gives voice to the male perspective- a perspective that is key to changing the culture of sexual violence.”

    -Denine Carr, Title IX College Compliance Officer, The College at Brockport, Brockport, NY


    “I was among the freshmen students you performed for today at SUNY Geneseo. I wish I had gotten the opportunity to speak with you afterwards, but I just wanted to let you know that “The Script” really moved me and touched me in a way I didn’t expect. Your show was such a breath of fresh air. The characters, situations, and emotions were so realistic, at times I forgot I was watching a one-man show. In a time where it’s harder to reach younger generations, and even harder to have a conversation on all of the many things you touched on in your show, you succeeded in such a magnificent way.

    I grew up in a household where there was domestic violence and a lot of toxic masculinity. I’ve seen that toxicity in my peers already. My first, and so far only, sexual experience was sexual coercion and my then-boyfriend only was in a relationship with me for sex. I’ve been catcalled and sexualized by men a number of times. As a young woman who has inevitably been shaped and affected by these experiences, now somewhat fearful of living alone and being independent at college, and also as a feminist, it means so much to see a guy who gets it and not only wants to have these tough conversations, but is very willing to start them as well. Art is so powerful and you use it beautifully and to make a much needed change.

    Thank you so much Tim. You have inspired me to keep creating and thinking, have hope, and ask for help.

    -Vivi M, Student, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY


    “Tim Collins’ performance of “The Script” at Nassau Community College was an eye-opening opportunity for students to consider issues of sexual assault, masculinity, and relationships.  “The Script,” enables students to reflect on their attitudes and evaluate how they might respond to a situation of sexual violence.  Tim combines his portrayal of the characters along with discussion of current events in order to raise awareness and challenge beliefs.  Our students and faculty assessed this to be a very worthwhile experience, with one professor commenting that every boy and girl in high school and college should see this play.  We look forward to collaborating with Tim again in the future.”

    -Laura E. Smith, MSEd, Assistant Professor, Career and Transfer Counseling Student Personnel Services, Nassau Community College, Long Island, NY


    “Tim Collins’ performance of THE SCRIPT was a complete win for our school. Not only is he a gifted actor who easily connects with his audience, but his well-crafted message and earnest portrayal of young men dealing with complicated aspects of what it means to be a man in today’s world, really resonated with our students. His thoughtful and poignant play touched upon all the important issues that students grapple with in their daily lives and did so in relevant ways sparking meaningful discussions.

    I worked with Tim closely for the month prior to his performance at our school. I found him to be extremely accessible, flexible and very willing to accommodate our needs. I recommend him enthusiastically.”

    -Catalina Martinez, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, De Smet Jesuit High School, St. Louis, MO


    “Thank you to Tim Collins for a captivating and informative performance!”

    -Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY


    “Collins strives to relate to students in a unique and creative way so they will learn more about the issue of Sexual Assault Prevention and to understand how they can be a part of the solution.”

    -Navita Ramprasad, Dragon Chronicle, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY


    “I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciated your performance of THE SCRIPT here at Marist College. You were captivating. I am the director of Health Services so the program clearly applied to my “work life” but I found myself thinking more and more about my 13 yo son at home and how these issues will impact him. I am hoping that when it is time for him to go to college, he will be at the sort of place that has great programming like the one you gave last week. I don’t know where you draw your inspiration from but I was thoroughly moved by your performance. Thank you very much for presenting this information in the creative and unique way that you did. It was memorable.”

    -Melissa Schiskie, DO, Director of Health Services, Poughkeepsie, NY


    “Tim gives an eye-opening performance, portraying separate perspectives on a case of campus sexual assault. All by himself, Collins is able to showcase the different types of bystanders and attributes of “toxic masculinity. The Script is perhaps the start of a real and powerful discussion about the topic on our campus.”

    The Groundhog, Marist College student newspaper, Poughkeepsie, NY


    “I decided to bring THE SCRIPT to SUNY New Paltz for several reasons. The show touches on so many more topics besides sexual assault, including toxic masculinity, unhealthy relationships, bystander intervention and Title IX policies. I think offering a male lens on sexual assault prevention is very meaningful. I felt that THE SCRIPT offered a unique, but powerful, approach to sexual assault prevention and bystander intervention.”

    -Emma Morcone, Deputy Title IX Coordinator,SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY


    THE SCRIPT engaged students with its unique format and kept them engaged throughout the entire time. Students were able to connect to the characters and see similarities within themselves or friends. A truly impactful experience for all. We even had students stay behind to thank Tim for his amazing performance. We will be bringing Tim back!

    -Katie Buckley, Director of New Student Programs, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY


    “Thank you so much for coming to our campus to perform, and facilitate a workshop right afterwards. Your programs are excellent!”

    -Kate Burns, Human Resources Compliance Coordinator, Title IX Co-Coordinator, Finger Lakes Community College, NY


    “THE SCRIPT is a great presentation on a tough topic!”

    -Genesee Community College Facebook page


    “We’re very thankful to have had Tim Collins come to SLU last night to perform an engaging play covering issues surrounding abuse, sexual assault, and masculinity for our Fraternity and Sorority communities!”

    -Saint Louis University Fraternity Council, St. Louis, MO


    “Tim, You were really amazing. Powerful, practical, accessible. Required watching for all teenage boys. And men for that matter.  We are grateful to you.”

    -Trevor Bonat, Principal, De Smet Jesuit High School, St. Louis, MO


    “I thought the play was very well done.  I’ve never seen a one-man show before, but Tim Collins gave us a bunch of characters that everyone in the audience can relate to. I thought the ways he showed us how we can prevent sexual assault and not be a bystander were helpful; Tim really gave us insight on that.”

    -Will Martin, Student, De Smet Jesuit High School, St. Louis, MO


    “We had the pleasure of bringing Tim Collins to our campus to speak to our students about issues surrounding sexual assault and title IX.  Our students felt engaged during the performance and were able to further expand their knowledge regarding sexual assault.  The performance was unique because it was interactive and allowed students to “experience” an incident from different perspectives.   A lot was learned from all those who participated!”

    -Kelli Reuter, LMHC, Title IX Coordinator, Iowa Central Community College, Ft. Dodge, IA


    “We thoroughly enjoyed having Tim Collins come to campus!  He was able to bring insightful, complicated, and timely topics to students in a unique way.  His one-man show kept our students engaged and captivated.  The format of the performance was able to engage students emotionally to the subject, as students felt a sense of concern for, as well as identification with, the characters.  I only heard positive feedback about the performance from both faculty and students.  In addition to the outstanding performance, Tim is also very easy to work with.  He answered my questions to the best of his ability and he would get back to me in a timely manner.  We will definitely ask him to come back in the future!”

    -Emily Murphy, Violence Prevention Coordinator, Iowa Lakes Community College, Estherville, IA


    “Tim Collins one-man show was awesome! He truly captivated the audience from beginning to end and gave some great insight on some pretty tough situations. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from every person in attendance and believe his performance impacted many people in some way.”

    -Katie M. Larson, Head Softball Coach, Student Senate Advisor, Iowa Lakes Community College, Estherville, IA


    “Tim Collins had our students completely engaged in his performance!  In just one hour he kept the audience’s attention with his ability to communicate his message using multimedia approaches.  I really enjoyed his distinctive, charismatic yet realistic characters, blending educational information seamlessly on the stage and on the video screens.  Throughout the night, he interacted with the students in powerful discussion, educating and entertaining on the topics of respect, assault and intervention.”

    -Jason Ramaker, Dean of Students, M.Ed., Waldorf University, Forest City, IA


    “Hey Tim,

    Just want to give a big “Thank You” for coming and performing for us last night.  All the students seemed really engaged and were talking about the performance in my class this morning.  Great job, hopefully we can get you back here in the future.”                                                                 

    -Hallie Erdahl, Director of Student Activities, Waldorf University, Forest City, IA


    “While watching a performance of THE SCRIPT, I sat in the audience stunned by Tim’s ability to inhabit characters so completely, to transform himself into so many different and familiar men. THE SCRIPT offers a unique opportunity to understand masculinity and gender from multiple perspectives.  At one point I found myself moved to tears by the raw vulnerability of a boy calling out for his father’s guidance.  How one show can illuminate so much “raw material” continues to elude me, but I feel like I have been taken by the hand and given the opportunity to witness landscapes so powerful, so unforgettable that I wish I could have taken photographs. I now live with that perspective inside of me.  It transforms how I understand the lived experience of genders other than my own.”

    -Donna Macomber, Women’s Freedom Center, Brattleboro, VT


    “In THE SCRIPT, Tim Collins examines the roots and manifestations of men’s violence. This show should be seen by as many young men in the US as possible, certainly on college campuses everywhere. Tim addresses the sources of sexual violence against women and illuminates how men’s socialization can sometimes prevent men from feeling and expressing emotions in supportive ways.”

    -John Ungerleider, Ed.D., Professor, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, SIT Graduate Institute, VT


    “I can’t say enough how much I thoroughly enjoyed Tim’s performance at SUNY Cortland. His characters were believable and powerful, and the show’s message (mixture of humor and pain) was well-delivered, accessible, and really effective! This kind of programming can only help change our campus culture to reduce sexual assaults.”

    -Nan Pasquarello, Title IX Coordinator, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY


    “THE SCRIPT was amazing! Tim’s rich and easy-to-relate-to characters helped the audience get to the heart of Men’s Issues and Rape Culture.”

    -Kari Proccpio, Director of Communications, YWCA Mohawk Valley, Utica, NY


    “We had the pleasure of bringing Tim Collins to our campus to speak to our students and employees about issues surrounding interpersonal violence and our responsibility to be positive bystanders. Those who attended the performance and workshops felt engaged and were able to further expand their knowledge regarding sexual assault. Tim presents the material in an interactive and thought provoking manner that allows for a deep dive into the material and encourages audience members to work to prevent acts of interpersonal violence.”

    -Tamara H. Kenney, ED.D., LMSW, Title IX Coordinator, SUNY Geneseo


    “I had been looking for a supplemental workshop for First Year college students pertaining to bystander intervention, and sexual assault for over a year. We found Tim’s website, and brought him to campus during our Orientation week. His show and concurrent workshop absolutely fit our needs! His characters are believable, and easily paint a picture of various scenes and experiences of assault and intervention. We were really thrilled about how our students responded to this session in orientation, and believe this could be a continuing fit for our institution.”

    -Molly Berry, Director of Inclusion and Student Engagement, Millkin University, Decatur, IL


    “THE SCRIPT is a powerful performance representing a variety of perspectives in response to sexual violence. In capturing and portraying these different attitudes, Tim Collins offers us nowhere to hide. We are taken to a sometimes uncomfortable place where we are confronted with the reality of our own internal reactions, not only to the performance, but also to our attitudes about gender roles, stereotyping, and our response to survivors of rape. It is a courageous, honest, and necessary exploration of these issues.”

    -Heidi Gjefle McCurdy, Director of Programs & Counselor, YWCA of Great Falls, MT


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