TBH (To Be Honest)

TBH is an educational one-man show depicting students confronted by cyberbullying. This powerful show, created specifically for middle and high school audiences, addresses a range of issues including Cyberbullying Prevention, Bystander Intervention, and the impact of Texting and Social Media on friendships and intimate relationships.  Utilizing contemporary language and trending topics, TBH is an engaging and memorable program for students and educators.

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Praise for Tim’s Shows


“Tim Collins visited our school to perform TO BE HONEST, a play about cyberbullying, bullying, and teen depression. I was blown away by Tim’s acting ability as he changed characters throughout the play. I could see the student’s faces as I was sitting near the front row. Several times I noticed students wiping a tear or glancing down, deep in thought. After the captivating presentation many of the students sought teachers to talk with about a variety of issues. One particular student came to me in tears and asked if we could talk. She said she wasn’t struggling with any of the issues from the show but realized she needed to speak up and ask for help for her eating disorder. She said she had been hiding it for several months just like the character in the play was hiding his depression and she knew this was the moment to get help before she talked herself out of it.

This show, because it is so relevant to current day adolescent struggles, has the ability to touch students in ways that we as teachers are unable. I would highly suggest this show to any middle or high school.

Tim, thank you again for coming and please keep up the good work. You have been truly gifted. Your message needs to be heard.”

–Kate Davis, Social Studies Teacher, Christian Fellowship School, Columbia, MO

“Tim performed STANDING BY, STANDING UP for our students in 6th and 7th grade and TO BE HONEST for our students in 8th grade. 8th grade is a pretty tough group to reach, but the topic was perfect to keep their attention. All the students engaged with him during the performances, and it definitely gave them some food for thought. The students are still talking about the performances!”

–Christine Spurling, Library Media Specialist, Gentry Middle School, Columbia, MO

“Tim’s solo anti-bullying presentations engaged our students in conversations about how to avoid bullying behaviors and what we can all do to end the prevalence of bullying and cyberbullying.”  

–Harrisburg High School, Harrisburg, MO

“We had Tim Collins do his timely and critically important show about cyber bullying for 90 high school students at our Governor’s Institute on Current Issues and Youth Activism. It was one of the highlights of the week. The students gave him a standing ovation and were deeply touched by this extremely relevant show about issues that too many of them face in their daily lives. Tim’s program helped open up the heart of compassion for our students towards each other and their friends. It helped empower them to consider ways to take action to make their schools, communities, and online lives less cruel and more kind.”  

–Dr. John Ungerleider,Director, Governor’s Institute on Current Issues and Youth Activism, S.I.T., Brattleboro, VT 

“Freeburg Community High School hosted speaker Tim Collins, who performed his one man play “To Be Honest” for each class. The play featured four characters who were dealing with issues related to social media, texting, cyberbullying and healthy internet usage. Student responses were overwhelmingly positive, saying they enjoyed the show and that the topics were relevant and easy to relate to.”   

Tina Hoefft, Counselor, Freeburg Community High School, Freeburg, IL

“Thank you Tim Collins Solo Performer for spending the morning with us. His artfully crafted solo show captivated our students and faculty as he brought awareness to the issue and impact of cyber-bullying and how we all can work to prevent it.  Tim, thanks so much for your creative approach to such an important topic.”

–Liz Olmstead, Director of Alumni Engagement, Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, VT

“There was only one guy on the stage, but Skaneateles Middle School students were riveted recently by four totally different characters who took them on a suspenseful and uncomfortable journey about the realities of bullying and cyber bullying.  In two assemblies (one for sixth graders and one for 7th and 8th graders) solo performer Tim Collins wore various hats to show struggles students face as instigators, bystanders and victims of various types of bullying.”  

–Skaneateles Middle School, Skaneateles, NY

“Tim Collins’ shows at Compass School were a resounding success. His acting is superb and sincere, allowing for a quick connection to his audiences. His work resonated with our students. He portrays powerfully realistic examples of cyberbullying and bystander intervention while offering do-able strategies to youth. He stresses the importance of kindness and makes all of this accessible to young people in way that surpasses any previous presentations that we have made or hosted.  I love the mix of characters as well as the deep well of stories that Tim can share with all high school and middle school levels. I truly hope that many other schools bring Tim to their students.”  

Ronald BosLun, Teacher and Health Coordinator, Compass School, Westminster, VT

“Without any prompting, numerous high school students have said to me, ‘That was a REALLY good presentation!’  If you know today’s teenagers who are bombarded with “positive messages” that we adults try to give them, that was a ringing endorsement for Tim’s shows.”  

Eric Rhomberg, Senior High Teacher and Advisor, Compass School, Westminster, VT

“Tim’s performance was captivating and educational- a great way to engage youth on the complex topic of cyberbullying. Highly recommended!”

–Philip Sher, MSW, LCSW, Children’s Advocacy Services, UMSL, St. Louis, MO

“The presentation deeply affected me– I never really thought about social media and it makes me realize how damaging cyberbullying can be…I also thought that the characters you played were very real.” 

–Bluett High School Student, Age 17, St. Louis, MO

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