NO MORE BULLYING is a fast-paced, interactive, educational one-man show for K-5th grade students.  NO MORE BULLYING portrays a range of characters confronted by Bullying in an elementary school setting.

NO MORE BULLYING is a fast and funny educational theater show that provides kids with practical information on how to avoid Bullies, how to become an Empowered Bystander, and how to work to prevent Bullying and Cyberbullying in their schools.


“Be sure to ask your students about their assembly today sponsored by the PTA. Solo performer Tim Collins did a show encouraging children to stand up against bullying to help their friends and classmates. He reminded the children that they can enlist the help of friends, teachers and other adults to help stop hurtful behavior they see in the classroom, on the playground, or even online.”

–Ridgeway School PTA, White Plains, NY


“We were thrilled having Tim Collins perform his one man show, NO MORE BULLYING.  The show is interactive and relatable.  It was humorous without the seriousness of the message getting lost.  He gives children the tools and words needed to handle a bully, whether the child is being bullied or the child is a bystander.  It was very well received by our audience with children ages 5 years to 11 years old.  I highly recommend his show.”

–Amanda Stewart, Youth Service Director, Utica Public Library, Utica, NY


“Summer Programs can be tough on the kids. They want to be doing anything else but learning. Tim Collins’ performance and workshop was interactive, fun, and educational. The kids loved it, learned, and wanted more. For almost every prompt almost our entire group raised their hands—such engagement is rare. We are still applying the lessons learned through Tim and his multi-character show.”

–Summer Jam Program Coordinator, Oneida Nation Recreation Dept., Oneida, NY


“I honestly think that your play really made an impact.  One of my closest friends has been getting bullied but after your play was performed at St. Margaret of Scotland, no one has done anything to her.  I really think that what you guys did helped her and I am thankful for that.  You really helped my friend!”

–4th Grader, St. Margaret of Scotland School, St. Louis, MO


“Tim’s shows are funny, poignant, and deep. He knows how to keep the sustained attention of elementary school students for a 40 minute show, which is no small feat! He gives students useful language to describe bullying as well as strategies they can use for reporting bullying in their schools and communities.”

–Mor Regev, South City Prep School, MO


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