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THE SCRIPT is a one-man show that depicts JAY, NICK, JEREMY, and CHRIS, four young men at the “edge of an incident”– a female classmate has been sexually assaulted. In the course of this engaging and powerful drama, the four characters grapple with their beliefs about masculinity, gender roles, and relationships, and make choices that forever change their lives and friendships.  Developed in conjunction with sexual assault prevention agencies, THE SCRIPT examines “rape culture” and invites the audience to examine the language, media, and attitudes that create an environment where violence against women and men is acceptable and normal.

THE SCRIPT is an engaging and interactive program that suits a wide range of audiences. A performance can be specially tailored to fit your school or organization’s needs.  A number of versions of the show are available:

  • Greek Life

  • Athlete/Athletics Focused

  • Military (Army, Navy, and Air Force versions are available.)

  • Progressive/Liberal School

  • High School Audiences


“While watching a performance of THE SCRIPT, I sat in the audience stunned by Tim’s ability to inhabit characters so completely, to transform himself into so many different and familiar men. THE SCRIPT offers a unique opportunity to understand masculinity and gender from multiple perspectives.  At one point I found myself moved to tears by the raw vulnerability of a boy calling out for his father’s guidance.  How one show can illuminate so much “raw material” continues to elude me, but I feel like I have been taken by the hand and given the opportunity to witness landscapes so powerful, so unforgettable that I wish I could have taken photographs. I now live with that perspective inside of me.  It transforms how I understand the lived experience of genders other than my own.”

-Donna Macomber, Women’s Freedom Center, Brattleboro, VT


“In THE SCRIPT, Tim Collins examines the roots and manifestations of men’s violence. This show should be seen by as many young men in the US as possible, certainly on college campuses everywhere. Tim addresses the sources of sexual violence against women and illuminates how men’s socialization can sometimes prevent men from feeling and expressing emotions in supportive ways.”

-John Ungerleider, Ed.D., Professor, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, SIT Graduate Institute, VT


“I can’t say enough how much I thoroughly enjoyed Tim’s performance at SUNY Cortland. His characters were believable and powerful, and the show’s message (mixture of humor and pain) was well-delivered, accessible, and really effective! This kind of programming can only help change our campus culture to reduce sexual assaults.”

-Nan Pasquarello, Title IX Coordinator, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY


“THE SCRIPT was amazing! Tim’s rich and easy-to-relate-to characters helped the audience get to the heart of Men’s Issues and Rape Culture.”

-Kari Proccpio, Director of Communications, YWCA Mohawk Valley, Utica, NY


“I had been looking for a supplemental workshop for First Year college students pertaining to bystander intervention, and sexual assault for over a year. We found Tim’s website, and brought him to campus during our Orientation week. His show and concurrent workshop absolutely fit our needs! His characters are believable, and easily paint a picture of various scenes and experiences of assault and intervention. We were really thrilled about how our students responded to this session in orientation, and believe this could be a continuing fit for our institution.”

-Molly Berry, Director of Inclusion and Student Engagement, Millkin University, Decatur, IL


“THE SCRIPT is a powerful performance representing a variety of perspectives in response to sexual violence. In capturing and portraying these different attitudes, Tim Collins offers us nowhere to hide. We are taken to a sometimes uncomfortable place where we are confronted with the reality of our own internal reactions, not only to the performance, but also to our attitudes about gender roles, stereotyping, and our response to survivors of rape. It is a courageous, honest, and necessary exploration of these issues.”

-Heidi Gjefle McCurdy, Director of Programs & Counselor, YWCA of Great Falls, MT


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