Standing By, Standing Up

STANDING BY, STANDING UP is a highly acclaimed educational theater piece following the interwoven stories of a compelling range of characters confronted by Bullying and Cyberbullying.

STANDING BY, STANDING UP, ideal for 3rd-12th grade audiences, examines the serious realities of Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Exclusion, but also identifies hopeful outcomes and ways that students can prevent violence in their schools and lives.

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“Tim brings great energy and understanding to his work with students. His versatility in addressing varied topics and being both a facilitator and performer is impressive. Tim seems to have a natural affinity for kids and they respond well to him. I think we’ve all seen presenters who have a lot to share but do not connect with youth audiences. Kids connect with Tim easily and he, and they, learn together as they explore challenging issues. I was particularly impressed with his captivating “one-man show,” living out the realities of bullying and its many victims. His ability to jump between roles brings all the more power and urgency to understanding how bullying has impacts beyond just the particular incident or those most directly involved.”

–Rick GordonDirector of the Compass SchoolWestminster, VT

“Tim is a very talented solo performer who teaches his audiences about anti-bullying.  I had the privilege of seeing him at a summer reading public library event.  The show was geared toward older students, but Tim is able to connect with and read his audience, adjusting his material as needed throughout the show if it gets too intense for some individuals.

I helped arrange for him to come to Oneida-Madison BOCES where I am a special educator and he performed  3 different shows for our elementary, junior/senior high programs as well as our alternative education programs.  His educational, fun, audience-driven and audience participation-based show reaches all learning styles and academic levels.  He takes the difficult topic of bullying and discusses it, explains it and shows different types of situations and helps his audience figure out what to do if they ever encounter those situations as a friend, acquaintance, and/or a victim of bullying.  I highly recommend Tim Collins’ one-man shows.”

–Linda Perras, Teacher, OHM BOCES, New Hartford, NY

“Tim Collins did an excellent job of communicating with our 5th, 6th and 7th graders through his Standing By, Standing Up one-man show. Tim’s performance is both a powerful and important one. His message about bullying and the power of bystanders and a strong community was well received by our staff and students and will without a doubt have a positive impact in our school communities.  As bullying continues to emerge in various forms and becomes more pervasive, Standing By, Standing Up is a great opportunity to open up communication with students around this challenging topic and to get students thinking about their impact on others.”

–Meghan E. Thomas, MS, NCC, School Counselor/ADA-PEP, Freemont Elementary School, East Syracuse, NY

“The performance, Standing By, Standing Up, by Tim Collins was absolutely amazing on every level!  His ability to connect with a younger age group on matters that are such a relevant part of their world is truly remarkable.  His performance is a perfect blend of audience participation and gripping dramatic theatre.  Anybody, adult or adolescent, can relate to one of the characters that he portrays and genuinely feel the emotion that they exude.  Tim had every child in our middle school population focused in on his every word and thought.  These words have carried over into our school culture and seem to have lifted spirits.  What an incredible impact he has had in such a short period of time with us.  Thanks, Tim!”

–Dan Piorkowski, Counselor, Fabius-Pompey Middle/High School, Fabius, NY

“Tim performed his show for our teen clubs and I could tell the students got a lot out of it because for the first time all year they sat still and stayed quiet!  The performance was very meaningful to the students and opened up some important conversations.  One full year after Tim’s first visit to our club, the youth were still talking about his performance.  We were ecstatic to be able to bring him back for our new youth and as a good reminder for our returners.  Tim’s performance left a lasting impact on our students that they carry with them in their day-to-day lives, now!”

–Chelsea Covey, MPH, CHES, Health Educator, Boone County Dept. of Public Health and Human Services, Columbia, MO

“We had Mr. Collins join us to talk about bullying behavior and creating an accepting community.  Students learned about respect for themselves and others during Mr. Collins’ presentation.  He had a wonderful message that he shared with the students.”

–Bridgeport Elementary School, Bridgeport, NY

“Mr. Collins,

I am a teacher at Columbia’s Battle High School and I brought my class to your first show yesterday. I was truly blown away by your performance. My class and I had very little notice that we would be attending an anti-bullying presentation and at first I think we were skeptical of what might be presented, thinking perhaps it was a hastily thrown-together slide show in light of recent events that have occurred in our school community.  Instead, we witnessed true art with a message. Your performance sparked several valuable and serious conversations with my students throughout the day about bullying and also about dramatic arts. Thank you so much for coming!!”

–Anne Borgmeyer, Language Arts Teacher, Battle High School, Columbia Public Schools, MO

“Thank you for your amazing performance of Standing By, Standing Up, at Battle High School. We were so fortunate to have you come perform for our advisory students and address the issue of bullying in such a unique and powerful way.”

–Melissa Patterson, Counselor, Battle High School, Columbia Public Schools, MO

“Tim Collins discussed the consequences of bullying in all its forms… After the presentation area residents raised concerns and shared personal stories…  Not every case of bullying is resolved easily, which is why Collins created an educational performance on bullying and the severe consequences, with a new focus on electronic bullying…  Collins says there is no easy way to stop cyberbullying but suggests parents make themselves available to their kids to have open conversations about what’s going on on the internet. He also says we must encourage kids to speak out when they see bullying happening to their peers.”

–Julia Rose, WUTR ABC NEWS

“From start to finish, Tim was fantastic to work with.  From booking and answering emails, to the day of the performance, he made sure everything was simple and went smoothly.  We had the opportunity to experience two of Tim’s wonderful shows, Standing By, Standing Up, and No More Bullying.  Tim does an exceptional job at captivating the audience and holding their attention, which can be particularly difficult with younger kids!  His performance for No More Bullying is very interactive and kept the kids excited and involved.  Standing By, Standing Up was the perfect combination of humor and intensity in order to keep the older kids engaged.  Our teachers raved about him! Tim is a very talented actor and his shows included many relevant issues that we see in schools on a daily basis.  I would highly recommend him to any school working on bullying prevention!”

–Courtney Kwilos, Counselor, Hamilton Central Schools, NY

“On a warm fall evening, many young people and their mentors crowded into Community Action Partnership’s community room to view, and participate in, the one-man play about Bullying Prevention: Standing By, Standing Up. The play, written and presented by Tim Collins, was a poignant, humorous and timeless portrayal of four adolescents experiencing the pain and sorrow of bullying.”

–Diane Ryan, MSW, Deputy Director,Community Action Partnership, NY

“Your show made me think we can do better in my school.  Your show changed my life.”

–5th Grade Student, Hamilton Central Schools, NY

“Thank you very much for performing your one man show for violence prevention, “Standing By,Standing Up”, to our students at Chittenango Middle School on September 26, 2013!  You have a unique venue for relaying the important messages that tolerance and acceptance are necessary in order to create an environment that is safe and conducive to learning.  Through your acting and storytelling, students are empowered to be part of the solution for change.  It is evident that your are passionate about your work, and youth are energized by passionate and committed adults.  Thank you for the good work that you do and thank you for sharing your talent and important messages with all of us at Chittenango Middle School!”

–Christine Chandler, School Counselor, Chittenango Middle School

“Standing By, Standing Up was stunning… thought provoking, heart wrenching, and also, unfortunately, necessary.  All young people, parents, caregivers, educators- anyone involved in the lives and care of children and teenagers- should see this show.”

 –Joshua J. Carlson Director of Youth Services Utica Public Library Utica, NY

“You handled a sensitive topic with great sensitivity and honesty.  There was plenty of opportunity for audience participation/involvement.  The follow-up discussion was very valuable– the performance served as a catalyst for open and honest discussion and problem-solving.  Seamless transition between characters.  Accurate and insightful!”

–Mrs. Jaffe, Teacher, Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School, MD

“The show was thought-provoking, entertaining, and powerful!  There were powerful pauses in the show where the audience could insert there own thinking and conclusions.  I loved it!”

–Lizabeth Shrier, Middle School History Teacher, Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School, MD

“After watching a performance of Standing By, Standing Up, you realize that you truly can make a difference in this world.”

–Andrew Schwebel, Director of Experiential Education, Congregation B’nai Amoona, MO


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